Reminder of Some Important Club Rules

Tennis is back and so far things are going well. However we need to maintain our vigilance. Please read the email sent on 20 June and see below for important details about the return to tennis you must all read. Thank you. 俱乐部重新开放至今运转还算正常。但由于COVID-19的影响,我们仍须保持警觉。请大家留意俱乐部6月20日发出的邮件内容,并请仔细阅读下列关于重返球场的注意事项。谢谢。

Please remember the following that must be complied with by all who play. 任何人进入和使用本俱乐部球场设施,必须遵守以下注意事项。

  1. Maintain social distancing. 时刻保持社交距离。

  2. Use hand sanitiser before and after play. 网球游戏开始之前和结束之后,使用放置于球场中央的手部消毒液进行消毒。

  3. There are to be no more than 4 people on each court, 8 on each pair of courts (e.g. 1 and 2, 3 and 4, 5 and 6). 单片球场同时在场内的人数上限为 4 人;两片相邻球场(1 号和 2 号球场,3 号和 4 号 球场,5 号和 6 号球场)同时在场内的人数上限为 8 人。

  4. You must register online after you play. Please include the names and contact details of all who play, the time you played (remember to check am or pm), whether the players are members or guests and how long lights were used. 使用球场之后,所有使用者必须进行信息登录,包括所有会员和非会员的姓名、联系 电话、使用球场的时间(注意选项上午/下午)。 信息登录网址

  5. Guests can only play when accompanied by a member. 非会员访客仅能在一名本俱乐部会员的陪同下使用本俱乐部球场设施。

  6. Each guest must pay $5. Lights are $10 per hour. At present invoices will be sent for payment of those fees. The initial invoices will be sent shortly. 每位非会员访客在本俱乐部球场打球须支付 5 澳币。如需球场灯光,会员或非会员须 支付每小时 10 澳币的球场照明。已经使用过本球场的访客,近期内会收到一份缴纳访 客费欠款的通知,请按照指示即时缴纳欠款。

  7. Not registering when you play to avoid paying guest fees or for lights is not only dangerous but unfair to all other members and won’t be tolerated. 使用球场后未登录个人信息或未缴纳访客费的将被认定为违规行为。

  8. Please lock the gate after you finish playing unless someone is still playing on your pair of courts or about to come on to play. 网球游戏结束后,如非其他会员排队等待使用,请正确锁好球场门。

  9. Only the official club coach Paul Baldwin or a member of his staff are permitted to coach on our courts. 本俱乐部球场仅供官方认证的俱乐部教练和其助理作网球课教授用途。

Please call out any behaviour that is not in accordance with the above. 如您发现有任何违反以上规则事项的行为,请立即阻止。

Ross Hocking
23 Jun 2020

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