Social Tennis

Monday Mornings

There is social tennis every Monday morning starting at nine o’clock. All you need to do to join is turn up! How easy is that?

Sunday Afternoons

Sunday Social is open to all!

If you are interested in playing tennis on a Sunday afternoon, please send me a message so I can subscribe you to our WhatsApp group. Each Saturday a message will go out to see who is available to play on the Sunday.

The starting time depends on whether we are on daylight savings time: a 3pm start for winter (i.e. non-daylight savings) and a 4pm start for summer (i.e. daylight savings). The session normally runs for at least two hours.

Sunday Social is normally on Courts 5 & 6, and if more than 8 people turn up, we work our way down the courts to the clubhouse.

If you are considering forming a team to play competition for the club, this is an opportunity to meet potential future teammates.

Come join us for a hit of tennis.

Jonathan, Qian and Christopher Manton
040 171 4410